TM Group is a corporation committed to providing quality services for online gamers around the world. It strives to present a new game world based on the Internet and offer new interpretations for games.

With services as its goal and creativity as its soul, TM Group is working to bring players a free, relaxing community and allow them to enjoy the latest game info, instant communication and interaction, while striving for diversification, individualization and internationalization.

To promote the games' development and offer the MMO gamers around the world a communication platform, TM Group works hard on its global strategic deployment, aiming to enable the players speaking different languages to enjoy the most possible game resources. Till now, TM Group has established the following major sites: MMOsite.com (English) and Arabmmo.com(Arabic). Besides the MMORPG-related info, TM Group also makes efforts to expand its service scope. Take BBGsite.com as an example, which is a newly established browser-based game portal.

All these sites are built in a uniform manner. With the Gamelist as the guideline, the sites provide the players with comprehensive game news, strategies, personalized photos, popular game databases and abundant download and video resources. What's more, players can also enjoy special interaction with each other via the communication platforms, forums and Q&A systems on the various sites. Acting as a flavorful feast for the senses, the sites sincerely lead the players to the forefront of the gaming industry and help them navigate the world of games.

No best, but only better! TM Group is growing bigger and stronger with constant innovation, and has its own professional editor team, UI and UE design teams and powerful tech support team.
We believe that our technologies can provide the players around the world with the most complete services;
We believe that our delivered game info can voice the general opinion of the world.
We believe that our resources can satisfy the demands of most players.

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Excellent source for MMO players worldwide, a Top-notch interactive platform, Demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism -- The Shadow of Legend Team
Great place for gamers to hang out -- James Wu, CEO of Gium International
One of the top MMO resources on the web worldwide, MMO Site is one of the top MMO resources on the web worldwide -- Axel Schmidt, Senior PR Manager

The overall design of the site is very friendly and welcoming -- windrider07
What attracted me most was that MMOSite isn't just another MMO news site. They have all these other features that are pretty useful to the average MMO gamer such as vaults and gamepedia -- AvonGenesis
Plenty of asian-centric MMO news, which is great. -- CalebG
I like the fact that we could buy game cards and such from our PayPal or MMOgold. Also I like the codes giveaways. -- _RefleX_
Mosite is always on top of the latest and interesting news. -- saity
I think all of MMOsite content is doing job as well, and some people can find some useful all of contents. -- Naokage
AAt first it attracted me because of gold to buy in game items, but later on I started to use news and write articles, I don't care about gold, MMOsite is unique and it will always stay on top and always be better then MMORPG.com -- AtomicDoom

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Come and join us. MMOsite can help make your wildest gaming dreams come true!
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TM Group

MMOsite is a professional gaming entertainment platform under TM Group. We provide rich online gaming content through our staff of 18 editors and 12 technical staff among whom over half have been working in the web industry for over 3 years. Through the joint efforts of our staff and community, MMOsite has developed into a fairly large gaming website and enjoys much popularity in the gaming industry.


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