Hello MMO – July Hot MMO Collection

July comes to its end, but this month is more exciting than we’ve expected. Many MMORPG are available to play, including the long-anticipated open world MMORPG ArcheAge which is now officially launched, along with plenty of games entering beta tests such as Black Desert , Albion Online and HeroWarz. Have you picked up any your favorite MMORPG already?

This month we made a vote on TOP10 hot games in Julyto collect MMOsiters’ ideas, unfortunately, owning to the system restriction in forum, some hot MMORPGs such as Dragon Nest, Mabinogi, Moonlight Blade supported by you can not be listed. But this time we take all your opinions into account, so read on to see what kind of MMO has left great impression to our mmositers in July.

NO.10 Blade 9 NA

Blade 9 is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in the orient in a mythical world and it is one of MMORPG that has entered beta phase, along with a lot of Event updated, including Devil Hunt, The Journey, Lord of the Land, Grand Prize Draw and etc. Featuring unique class setup, Blade 9 empowers users to play whatever class they want.


There is a Ruin Weapons system that gives players (lucky enough to find one) a temporary power boost until their durations expire or lose it during PVP. In game players can find a variety of PVP modes from open-world PK to last-standing and team PVP arenas.

Through the adventure on the vast world of Blade 9, players have to face dangerous perils and terrifying monsters, also reward is there to win if quests in the multiple event details are completed. Open Beta will introduce the Item Mall Update, new events, rewards, and tons of fun! There’ll be no wipes after Open Beta. Interested players can play with friends together.

NO.9 Herowarz

Known as the Korean Diablo style next generation MMORPG, HeroWarz is an action online game with an isometric view, where players choose from different characters to play, each with unique abilities and skills. As is mentioned above, it is on July26th that the “next gen” Korean Action MMORPG HeroWarz has kicked off Open Beta. For the Open Beta phase, there will be 50 maps and 31 instances, which make for a rather huge PvE world.

Besides PvP, HeroWarz adopts a simple 4 vs 4 mode with the map structure similar to current MOBA’s maps with towers, bases and minions. Even though using similar resources, PvE and PvP development is separated into 2 teams behind the scenes to ensure efficient content development. Every game needs test by several times, your enthusiasm for HeroWarz for this Korean Diablo style next generation MMORPG will undoubtedly support it go much further.

NO.8 Perfect World 2

Since the Perfect World first beta in 2006, eight years have passed. At the very beginning it was known as a game with rich and beautiful maps. During these years, the development team spent a good part of the time on the beautiful landscapes of the upcoming MMORPG Perfect World 2. They plan to keep all positive stuff from the first part, with lots of fixes and innovative features.

On July 24th Wanmei has eventually kicked off Perfect World 2 Open Beta which includes a new fighting system, new spell effects, a new graphic ENGINE ShadowlandsII, and six races. All races/characters in game are unique, and there will have twelve different classes. The biggest difference is of course the combat system that allows players to be able to move and use skills, which will be awesome for the PVP!

In addition, players will find a more exciting adventure in Perfect World 2. It opens exploration gameplay in dungeon, the unprecedented danger and changing environment of which are only for brave players to experience. The high quality expansion is attractive enough to get tons of players back. Those who love tab target and high populated PvP open World MMOs should try Perfect World 2.

NO.7 Revelation

For similar features of Blade and Soul, the beautiful graphics and grand world of this 3D oriental fantasy MMORPG Revelation leave a great impression on most of mmositers. Player can explore the fantasy world with different racial cultures, and experience the brand new MMORPG gameplay with action elements, for example, each character can choose a job as a cooker, housemaid or even dancer. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Revelation based on Netease independent engine is developed by Netease Pangu studio and has already kicked off the closed beta on Aug 28 in China. Here comes a useful guide about how to sign up and get into Revelations Online, interested players don’t miss to play such a great work. Interestingly enough, a series of events were held in a Revelation “Playing Cute” Festival, which includes the amazing Customization System, Fashion and Dyeing System, Ornament Syetem, Social System and Auto heterodyne System.

NO.6 Chaos Heroes Online

Chaos Heroes Online, the only MOBA in TOP10 rankings has kicked off Closed Beta on July 15, during that period, players can get exclusive skins. According to the development team Chaos Heroes Online has been worked for more than ten years. Hardcore MOBA fans will appreciate the unique game mechanics such as a fifty minute time limit and the ability to re-equip during battle

This action-packed multiplayer online battle arena Chaos Heroes Online developed by Aeria Games is preparing to lanch for the Western in early autumn 2014. Compared with big titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends, Chaos Heroes Online is also built with an in-game VOIP system and built-in Twitch broadcast feature. Streamers will notably be able to read their stream chat directly in-game for better interacting with their viewers without needing a second screen.

NO.5 Albion

Berlin-based studio Sandbox Interactive officially started the alpha test on their cross-platform Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online on the 15th of July , where testers are able to explore the medieval fantasy world and enjoy all features, for the testing period might be longer than planed 14-days depending on feedback and player numbers.

In Albion‘s case there is no level system. Instead, stats and effectiveness are based on the current gear players have equipped and which stat bonuses they’ve chosen. This puts the game in a unique situation, as it gives all players the same chance at success. If you are interested in Albion and wandering how to play more smoothly, check the useful guides, you will quickly get the idea of crafting, Tier2 and durability.

NO.4 Skyforge

Skyforge moves up to the third place in July , during August to July we definitely see your enthusiasm for this upcoming MMORPG from, the team has held key giveaway event twice through facebook and “Create a Class” Community Contest! However, the keys’ number could be counted by fingers are not easy for players to scramble. Envy the guys who are lucky to get great chance to the Closed Beta. But don’t worry, beta test is likely to come in these two month, interested players please be patient and wait.

Skyforge is a highly-stylized MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat inspired by console action games, where players develop from immortal warriors protecting their home world into powerful gods dominating the battlefield as invincible giants. Though Cryomancer is a great choice for beginner, I prefer Paladin class much more for they are skilled at defending themselves and allies by mighty shield. What about you?

NO.3 Firefall

MMOsite has teamed up with Red 5 Studio for a FREE Package Giveaway for the team-based sci-fi action shooter Firefall this month, we didn’t expect the event would be so hot that thousands of packages were gone in two days. So I think most of you have tried out the shooter and had lots of fun! Now that Firefall is officially launched and available on Steam, the game is constantly updated to achieve the best user experience, such as the Patch 1.1: Elemental Destruction.

And you might not imagine that players are able to battle against bosses who are played by the game’s development team. What a special event! Ha! In this the Chosen Offensive event, players who participate not only get the thrill and satisfaction of battling against members of the development team but can also earn event-exclusive rewards.

Firefall is free-to-play with an in-game shop filled with convenience and cosmetic items for players to purchase. In Elemental Destruction, you will experience five additional dynamic encounters throughout the open world, the hardcore version of our Kanaloa the Destroyer Titan Battle, an array of new weapons and prefixes unlike any of your Operators have ever seen, awesome new abilities, numerous quality of life updates, and much more. Play Firefall for free on Steam!

NO.2 Black Desert

Korean sandbox MMORPG Black Desert began its third Closed Beta on Sep.17, and it just ended on Sep.28. You guys are crazy about this game as I know from the Only One Key Giveaway Event held this month, and now here you can check out the hand on experience from Tony and first look from ZagatoMKR. Sharing a same development team with C9, Black Desert gradually shows a mystical and elegant beauty with top-notched graphics by seeing the Character Customization review.

Compared with the 2nd Closed Beta, Black Desert KR 3rd CBT has been improved a lot in PK system, new cut scenes, pet system as well as special dyeing system. The music in this game is said to be crazy. Check out the video below.

The only pity is that western players cannot enjoy the game or smoothly client download because of the language barrier and network lag. But I bet you’ll feel a little comfort to know that the develop team currently is preparing western office setting up. “Even though we’d like to see the Game released by the end of 2015, we feel, that early 2016 is a more realistic estimation.” Told the develop team. At least, we can assume that Black Desert beta test will be held in 2015.

NO.1 ArcheAge

Finally, ArcheAge is officially launched this month, thanks to Trion Words quickly ended various tests around just two months. No matter in graphics or gameplay, this long-anticipated open world MMORPG has won high praise by players in the US and Europe. ArcheAge allows players to create a character for a variety of classes, which could be changed at any time if you have enough gold. And it is similar to other Korean PvP games that few communications happen between player and the rival only if player complete a quest for “learning language of other factions”.

Some gamers said the body customization is comparatively less than face customization. Players can customize almost all the features on face, even scar and wrinkle. But owning to the over-crowded population at officially launch of ArcheAge, players have to wait and queue for a long time so as to get in, and poorly I was the one queuing online at that time. The longest hour is said to be nine!!! So some players tease this anticipated MMORPG should change its name to “Queue Age”.

The courts and trails system is the most fascinating part for me, players doing murder, fight and steal will be taken to court and determined by a group of jury whether to be put into prison or not,. To better avoid this interesting trouble, here is a great guide telling Dos and Donts for you.

Well, as to the long queue time in ArcheAge, it’s totally understandable with numerous players’ join at its launch. I know you are complaining, but maybe some days later, you’ll fall right back into it.