Japanese Popular Adult Game Idol Wars Z First Look

Hello gamers,

In this article we’ll be talking about a Free-to-play, browser MMORPG named Idol Wars Z published by Nutaku, a company known for its popular, adult games.



In Idol Wars Z, you take on the role of an Idol Producer, your job is to scout for new idols, train them and ultimately build the best idol team you can in order to participate into a heated contests.

Of course it goes without saying that the more time you dedicate to one girl, the more she will open herself towards you and things will get more intimate. There is a vast majority of beautiful idols to choose from and build your team, each one with her own unique appearance and personality.

What can you do in the game?

This is the game’s main menu, you can think of it as your general management screenFrom there you have quick access to the most important features of the game which are:

Live Battle

There, your idols compete against other players team in order to see who can excite the audience more, the battles you win, the better the rewards.


You can spend the gacha tickets you earn from quests or battles to earn rewards up to Rare category, or you can use your Nutaku Gold and aim for rewards of up to SSR category which is the highest you can get.

If you are thinking of starting the game, it would be better to do so as soon as possible. Because in order to celebrate the launch of the game, there are really cheap, limited time offers from which you can earn extremely rare rewards.


As you can see this is the section where you organize your idol teams. The first tab represents the team with which you will be participating in Dream Fest(I will explain this one later).

The second tab is the Scouting team, in other words, your idols go out and spread the word about how great of a producer you are in order to attract new premium idols. Besides that you can also earn rare rewards when you complete those quests.

Finally, the third tab represents the team which you will use in Live Battles with other players and it can have up to 30 members, 10 idols in the front, 10 in the rear and 10 for support.

It can be quite hard when you start off to build your team correctly, so I would suggest using the Auto-Team builder which will make your life a lot easier.

Scouting and Quests

In order to find the best idols, improve your stats and find more items you will have to go on Scouting quests. You basically choose the team of idols to represent you and embark on you quest. The idols, based on their stats, will slowly fulfill the completion bar and at the end you will be presented with the rewards.

Sometimes though you will come across a Rival, you can think of it as an opposing faction idol who scouts for recruits. You will to be have to scout her, aka defeat her with your idol team in order to proceed, sort of a boss.

The Rival idol will appear several times during your Scouting quests and challenge you, If you manage to scout her successfully, then you will earn lots of rewards, the stronger the opposing Rival, the more valuable the loot.

Tip: If you find yourself in bind, you can try asking for help from another player and attempt to defeat her together.


Here you can train your idols and increase their stats. There are three ways to do so:

First, the most basic way is by Lesson, you pick the idol you want to level up and use other idol cards which you don’t want in order to give her experience(this is a good way to level up low-level idols). You can also use Coach cards, which are basically Exp. Packs and give you a huge amount of experience when used. You can earn Coach cards from quests or gacha rewards.

Secondly, there is the Break Limit technique, each idol can Break Limit up to three times, you use duplicate cards of the idol in order to Break Limit.  Each time you do so, the idol’s level cap will increase and her abilities may level up as well.

Finally, there is the Awakening technique which is the most difficult to pull off since it requires a lot of items to do so, but the rewards are certainly worth the effort because not only your idol will reach her true potential and gain lots of level, you will also unlock all three of the hentai cutscenes for this idol.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock more and more beautiful girls to add in your team and get enjoy many

Erotic hentai cutscenes depicting all sorts of fantasies and fetishes.

Note: When you break limit once, you unlock the first hentai cutscene for that girl, you unlock the second one by maxing her level and the third one which is usually the best by Awakening her true potential.


This is the biggest feature of the game and the one that surprised me the most when I found out about it, because of its complexity and the amount of strategy it requires to perform well. Basically, it is a Daily Event in MMO terms which rewards you with tons of goodies if you do well.

It is not as easy as it sounds though. In this event you do not compete alone, you enter with your production, aka you guild and compete in various contests such as Appeal contest & Cheer Contest. 

In Dream Fest, the stats of your team is only a part of your total strength, you will need to look also at your idols abilities and how well you can combo your skills between them. The higher the combo chain the more point you will score.


I am not a big fan of browser games in general, because after a while they became extremely repetitive and boring, however I didn’t feel that was the case when I was playing Idol Wars Z. For someone like me who is a huge fan of strategy games and MOBA games, I found the Dream Fest mechanics a fresh and welcome addition to a market of browser games where higher stats mean automatically victory.

Before I knew, I found myself immersed into studying the abilities’ mechanics and how well you can combo them together. But even if you are not a strategy fanatic like myself, I believe that you would certainly enjoy playing the game for the rest of its features, especially its creative hentai scenes.

If you want to play Idol Wars Z, you can try it out, here