Domestic independent game “Not ordinary workplace” exhibition CCG features workplace waiting for you to come

Today, the home-made strategy development RPG “Not Ordinary Career”, produced by computer fan studio, announced that it will participate in the China International Cartoon and Game Expo (CCG) in Shanghai from July 16 to 19, and provide a live demo of the game in the independent game C1 exhibition area.

The Unusual Workplace is a strategy development game that explores common workplace experiences as well as deja vu. Setback when you work, the prospect of self-doubt will surround you, when you work overtime work progress, pressure let you breath like a mountain, in the real world, we may not notice these emotions affect us, but in the “not in work, these feelings will incarnate” beast “, brings you face to face with their own inner world.

Italian beast is not invincible, players in the growth of work will collect more and more CARDS, such as “reflection summary”, “perspectival thinking” “996”, the use of these CARDS to overcome the heart of the “Italian beast” in the field of steady and steady, finally as CEO, married bai Fumei, to the peak of life.

The game in the core of the card battle to join the innovative combo system, and random mobilization before the war, not only to and “beast” battle of wits, but also to test whether they are chosen by god. Before each battle, players can adjust their card groups, depending on how they react to the beast.

At the same time, the game is also built in with a wealth of small games, when you don’t want to work hard, although there is no rich woman heavy money for son, you can also touch fish chat for a rest, when you rise in the life system, will trigger hidden tasks, challenging difficult BOSS war.

“Unusual Workplace” will be exhibited at Shanghai CCG from July 16th to 19th. Interested partners can try this game for free in the independent game exhibition area C1.

At present, the game is on Steam. Click me to go to the mall page to get the latest information, please follow the official microblog @Game _, or join fans Q group: 943187903 to communicate.