Newest Adult Browser Game X-Overd

In this article we’ll be talking about the newest browser game of Nutaku, named X-Overd. Nutaku is a company known for its popular, adult, browser games such as Flower Knight, Dragon Providence

What is this game about?


As you may know is specialized in making browser JRPG/party management games for adult audiences. You can play the censored version, but it is just not the same without the adult element and the hentai scenes.
In short, X-Overd is what I described above. You play as an Airship Captain and with the help of your crew, you fight monsters, villains and all sorts of creatures in your journey to uncover the truth about the opening of an evil gate.

What is that evil gate though? What is the backstory of the game?
The whole story is a mix of action, comedy, mystery and it presented pretty well through the cutscenes at the start of each chapter. I’ll give you a brief summary to get the general idea.
First of all the regarding the gates. The gates are portals to other places or dimensions and most of them bear no danger, but from time to time from some Gates, hostile creatures such as demons emerge, these gates are called Evil Gates. It is noteworthy to remember that the civilizations of the ancient times were destroyed by the creatures which came out of one single Evil Gate, that gate was named Catastrophe.


Now the three remaining kingdoms of humans, elves and beast-humans, Granstar, Elestia and Bald’Or respectively. They all live in their own lands and try to stay away from each other businesses, except when the unexpected opening of Evil Gates force them to cooperate together in order to shut them down. You start the game as a crew member of an airship which had been sent to investigate the opening of a new evil gate and shut it down.

But what it seemed like a normal job suddenly took a turn for the worse as that Gate was not a normal evil gate and the creatures which came out of it were extremely powerful. With the odds stacked against you, your airship captain orders you to leave while he holds them off. His last order was to report back to HQ and find a way to close the Gate.
So, as one of the senior members of the crew you rise to the rank of captain and now the task of uncovering the mystery behind the opening of this new Evil Gate falls on your shoulders.


The game is turn-based and the whole gameplay revolves around the job system. If you have ever played Final Fantasy Tactics, you will be familiar with what I am about to explain.
In X-Overd, character are classified based on their jobs. There are four generic categories, Attacker, Guardian, Mage and Support and each of those categories branches out to several different jobs.

Some of them are pretty common jobs which you will see in most RPG jobs/classes, but there were some jobs like Gardener, Cook which you don’t usually see in games.
Here are some job examples:
Fighter, monk, spirit mage and battle mage, Priest, Healer, Engineer, Surgeon, shadow-master, dark knight, sorcerer, maid, bouncer and many others.
And besides the differences between the jobs, the same jobs may have different abilities depending on the character’s origin and backstory. For example, I had in my party two Priestesses. The first priestess Cattleya was a human and she knew Light magic spells, while the second one Lapis, she was an elf and she used Wood Magic.

This brings me to my next topic, the elements. In X-Overd, each character is specialized in a specific element and the element system works in a rock-paper-scissors style. That means that each element has another which is weak against and one which is strong against. (e.g. fire is strong against wood and weak to water etc.). There are also Light and Dark elements which are neutral to all others but the opposed between themselves.
This is a major and very important mechanic of the game that you will have to take into consideration when you choose your party for higher level dungeons where the enemies are dangerous and can easily kill you if you go unprepared.

My advice for the people who think on playing the game is to finish the first seven dungeons which are part of the storyline, with the starter characters and hoard every resource you gather until the Gate Keeper event is unlocked. The Gate keeper events are basically very difficult dungeons, but the rewards make them worthwhile. After you have finished all seven dungeons, spends your money and crystals on new equipment and unlocking new characters. Thankfully, the game does a superb job at explaining the all the gameplay features as you progress, so by the time you finish your seventh dungeon you will already know what you need in order to be prepared for the tougher challenges ahead.

Thoughts on the game

One particular aspect of the game that I liked was the fact that your units gain experience through combat. In other Nutaku games you had to selectively level them up one by one which in the long run was  becoming boring and very costly.
Instead, in X-Overd the leve through combat mechanic is much better. All the units which participated in a mission gain both character and jobs experience. Character exp. increases their level and stats, while the job exp. increases their job level and as their job rank increases they learn new abilities.
Another new mechanic which X-Overd introduced is the way the game handles the duplicate character cards. Just like before in most of Nutaku games you have to manually manage your duplicate cards, either sell them or use them as enhancement material. In this game however, every time you unlock a duplicate character job the job level increases for that character. Say you unlock, three Warrior jobs for the same girl, then her Warrior job will increase by three levels, regardless if you have it equipped or not.

The Romance feature is lot more improved on this game compared to older ones. In X-Overd, every character has a list of events. Those events present each character’s backstory and also unlock the hentai scenes. New events are unlocked as the character levels up and most of the characters have at least 8-9 different events. It should also be noted that this is the first game which also features both men and women as party member and companions and they both can be romanced and have their own events.


Finally let’s talk now about the game’s core aspect, the HENTAI SCENES.
As I’ve mentioned before new events and hentai scenes are unlocked by levelling your character. However your favorite woman/man may not fit in the whole party composition. But truth is you can easily level up your favorite characters by doing high-level dungeon runs. You simply pick a difficult dungeon, add your leveled party members and the your romance target in the party, select another high-level player as helper for the mission and then beat the dungeon over and over until you unlock all the events of your romance target.
it is recommended to do most of those dungeon runs manually and not set the battles on auto, because the high level monster will obliterate your romance target with just one hit.
As you progress through the game, you will unlock more beautiful girls and also some men to add in your team and get enjoy many erotic, hentai cutscenes.