VR Demo Anime Girl at TGS 2020 Was Groped Until Broken

Virtual reality is putting in an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 as developers try to get us excited enough to purchase a VR headset in order to play their VR games. M2 Co. Ltd, a maker of 3D modeling and animation software E-mote, has drawn great attention at Toyko Game Show 2016 for their mannequin that could be groped by visitors. Its VR experience was proved to be extremely popular that the mannequin’s touch sensors became broken in a single day due to over-stimulation.

To demonstrate the software and interaction at TGS, M2 took along a real-life mannequin, dressed it up like a character created in E-Mote, and placed some sensors on the body, more specifically the breasts. Then, while wearing a VR headset, TGS visitors could touch the mannequin and have the animated 3D character react.


E-mote does have a lot of potential, especially for anyone wanting to create a virtual reality experience where you grope girls (or boys). But it has got M2 into trouble on the show floor. The TGS organizers have banned M2 from allowing the mannequin to be fondled, removing the real-touch feedback from the experience.


An old video depicting E-mote in action:

Regardless, the mannequin’s ordeal has demonstrated that virtual reality is rapidly becoming a widespread phenomenon.