Pokemon GO Matches Pokemons with Nudes

OK Pokemon is super hot and everybody is wandering around and around to find some wild monsters. Thanks to the environment matching mechanism, we have some special ones discovered in some special and peculiar places (Nudes), Warning: NSFW!

Why is Pidgey appearing here? Are they asking for tits? Girls must be hungry and thirsty!

Hey Charmander! Get off from the butts, I have work to do! (Another version: Hey Pussy! Leave my Charmander, I have work to do!). Please help me, how to explain the Charmander here?

OK man, you really have something! Say HI to Diglett (must be the tits) wait a minute, what’s wrong with the length in the latter one?

WTF is Drowzee here? Is that its nose?

And what the hell is Squirtle doing here? Looking for some awesome toys?

Are you OK? Need the ambulance? What’s going on with your balls? Why is it Exeggcute? It seems like your balls are torn apart!

Caution: Seriously! Think twice before you go and try to find pokemons from special places! And most importantly, don’t forget to share with us on Reddit here!