Top Five Shooting Games You Can’t Miss

I guess you guys have spent most of your game time on Deer Hunter 2014. It is no doubt that Deer Hunter 2014 is a really solid game in pure gameplay terms with undeniably satisfying shooting mechanics. However, when you  flush out every last bunny in Deer Hunter 2014, would you like to get some fresh sniper games? Here are the top five shooting games you can’t miss, which are as qualified as Deer Hunter 2014. Therefore, take a try if you’ve reached the end of the road in Glu Games’ latest forest firing range.

1: Sniper Shooter

What kind of gameplay do you need when you have finised off Deer Hunter 2014. It’s definitely Sniper Shooter‘s tongue-in-cheek gameplay along with plenty of missions, bags of targets and clever clues abound. Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to become a Master Hitman. Tilt the device to aim and Tap to shoot and kill.


  • EASY CONTROLS (Tap to shoot)
  • 3D Graphics
  • Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!
  • Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREME MISSIONS
  • Mini sniper puzzles
  • 12 chapters for you to enjoy. More chapters coming soon!
  • Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!

Don’t miss a single Shot….or you will end up losing your job! Download Sniper Shooter Free – Fun Game now and don’t miss amazing updates!

2: Deer Hunter Reloaded

How about taking a trip back to one of the earlier Deer Hunter games? You’ll have to dip into your real-world wallet eventually, but there’s enough free game here to scratch that deer-hunting itch. The most REALISTIC and AUTHENTIC hunting sim returns. It’s time to RELOAD your rifles and take to the wilds of North America to bag the BIGGEST GAME out there.


  • First Person perspective with visually stunning environments
  • New X-RAY mode to target specific organs
  • Move between strategic vantage points to line up the perfect shot
  • Customizable player avatar with a variety of jackets, vests, boots, and hunting glasses
  • Complete challenges to collect trophies for your trophy room

Deer Hunter Reloaded is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

3: Clear Vision 2

If you look into Sniper Shooter, you will also like Clear Vision 2 which has a very similar style of play. As the sharpest hitman around, Tyler Smith gets the job done. But his career choice has forced him to face his greatest struggle yet, to get back what his heart desires the most. Snipe your way through 25 missions using a variety of guns and tools. Grab your rifle and make sure to get a clear shot!


  • Animated Cut Scenes
  • Blood and Gore Animation
  • Daily Newspaper
  • 25 Missions
  • 10 Weapons
  • Wind and Distance Calculation
  • Cool game world
  • The follow up to “Clear Vision (17+)”
  • Based on “Clear Vision” Flash Game

4: Contract Killer 2

Unlike most of the other games on this list, Contract Killer 2 isn’t always obsessed with stealth, and isn’t afraid to put a machine gun in your hands from time to time. Besides, both Contract Killer games are worth a shot.

High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

You are Jack Griffin, the ultimate Contract Killer. Experience an intense, international storyline combining long-range kill shots and close-range melee attacks. To survive in this line of work, you have to sneak your way in, shoot your way out!


Use scopes and silencers to conduct long-range assassinations


Use cover and stealth to sneak up on your enemies and perform devastating melee attacks or just blast away! It’s your choice.


Complete dozens of unique Challenges to earn titles, badges, and big rewards.


Assassinate high-profile targets, Eliminate all enemies at street level, Survive sudden ambushes, Defuse hidden bombs, and Ghost your way through enemy lines.


Upgrade weapons with scopes, silencers, and magazines and outfit Jack with throwing knives, body armor, and brass knuckles.

Contract Killer 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

5: Gunner Z

Gunner Z is a superb shooting game that you’d be daft to miss out on. You may be wondering there is much difference between Deer Hunter 2014 and Gunner Z. Well, guns and targets are what they are in commom.

Take your fleet of customized “AC-HMV” armored assault trucks into a city overrun by an undead army! However, the enemies aren’t merely mindless zombies; a powerful enemy military is using the engineered threat as a tool. Run by General Thacter, this twisted army utilizes undead soldiers and huge biological beasts as weapons alongside remotely operated mechanized units such as aerial drones, tracked RPG turrets, APCs, tanks, and more. The only force capable of stopping the undead army is YOU!

Install and customize machine guns, rockets, grenades, guided missiles, giant miniguns, and future weapons like railguns and aim-assisted smartgun systems. Install powerful camera and turret sensors including recoil stabilizers, explosive and threat detectors, jammers, proximity detectors, zoom lenses, and more!


  • Jaw dropping NightVision imagery
  • Dynamic levels
  • Both military units and undead zombie hordes
  • Vehicle and armor customization
  • Huge array of weapon and sensor upgrades
  • Perks for player and vehicles alike
  • Airplay support for AppleTV
  • Character levels
  • Dynamic Weather FX
  • 30+ Missions
  • Friend Challenges
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • iCloud support
  • Share replays with Everyplay