Ai Jam confirmed that “VVVtunia” DLC is in production

Today (July 16), the Mine Club’s CompileHeart official announced that virtual idol Fettler Love has confirmed his participation in Neptune’s new work VVVtunia. She will play the role of DLC, DLC has been in the production, let’s have a look!

Screenshot of official tweet:

The official tweet said: “Virtual idol VTuber trierai has confirmed the launch of Neptune’s new VVVtunia. The DLC is currently in production. Please look forward to it.”

Game Background:

In a computer virtual world, networks of all dimensions coexist. It is in such a virtual world that a mysterious region called Virtualand sits on a planet called The Perplexing Star. Wolf Treasure Pokie In this place, invaders named “Anti” are destroying everything in this area, and the whole planet is on the verge of extinction.

Fair has successfully summoned helpers from other planets to save the planet in distress. Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert (the four princesses) and virtual idols Mii and Yuu have also joined the team.

Rescuers in the unknown world action, they can really save the “confused star” crisis? The story of how Pretty girl saved the virtual world begins