Hello MMO 2020: Top 10 New MMOs That Make A Gaming 2020

Writing this collection at this time should actually be entitled with ‘ Hello MMO 2017’, but before saying Happy New Year let’s check what has amazed us in 2016. We are going to welcome the MMOs coming in 2017 in a few days and at the countdown moment which games in 2016 will come up in your mind? Check the Top 10 New MMOs below or leave your favorite ones here! See what kind of games can make 2016 a big Gaming Year!

readers_choice_knockout_round_article Overwatch – A-Mei-Zing!

Overwatch could be the first to bring FPS + MOBA storm to the gaming industry and Blizzard has definitely gained awesome profit from it. More interestingly is that Overwatch is more popular with ‘Overwatch Butts’ than gameplay at early time and it has generates numerous cosplays and tidbits.

When we were still hyped in the MOBA 5V5 map DotA or addicted in the screaming of ‘Fire in the hole’ in CS, we never imagined that one day we could play the two genres in one game. Overwatch did it and upgraded the gameplay. Characters are not simply playing on the ground, the high-tech settings enable them to cast all-directions assaults so that much more tactics can be applied; the role setting of supporter makes an FPS extraordinary, which melts the MOBA element into gameplay; fast pace and splendid abilities push Overwatch to a sightseeing level, extending the diversity of gameplay from equipment to heroes and enabling players to utilize fragmented time.

Overwatch is so addictive that some compare it to cigarette, saying “ I will feel uncomfortable if I haven’t smoked it today”! Whether it is the Mei sending enemy up to the sky with her ice wall or the moving animated shorts, you will be coming up with one conclusion: Overwatch is A-Mei-Zing! Black Desert Online – Lord of Customization

What is the first impression when talking about Buy Alprazolam Online Overnight Delivery Black Desert Online? Probably the personal customization. Black Desert Online has pushed the “Graphics do matter” to the highest level, which creates a specific client for players to modify their character customization.

While some players are taking hours to create an MJ or themselves, this sandbox MMORPG enchants us with the realistic full action combat and seamless world in highly detailed graphics. Standing out on the roof and stretching your sight, the world is calling you to explore! You can collect resources as in some survival games and craft from weapons to decorations, BDO has enhanced the customization feature into housing and mount taming. When you are cutting the tree you are expecting realistic actions from your character and the shaking reflection from the tree, it will never be so satisfying to collect resources.

There are still many more contents for you to play, but if you are asking a title for the most impressive feature in Black Desert Online, I will make it “Lord of Customization”! Bless Online – Another Promising MMORPG

The Russian server test ongoing has surely boosted players’ morale for Bless Online, an English patch has realized the long-waited request of having a look. Have you joined the fancy world of Bless Online?

Going into the massive, seamless and beautiful world consisting of two opposite factions with 5 respectively races, you are facing an open world introduced with fully voiced story cinematics and without loading screens. Bless applies rich PvP contest with random open world PvP in the wild, 100 vs 100 battlefield, massive PvP scenes like GvG or castle sieges. But it doesn’t mean that Bless is going to be a PvP-focused multiplayer, PvE features will also light up your day!

One of the amazing features is the taming system, which allows you to tame some of the monsters/creatures you encounter as your pet or mount. We are not talking about merely animals, even some human-shaped hostile targets can be your followers in game. Time to recruit a beautiful maid! In fact Bless Online is similar to MMORPGs like Black Desert Online or Riders of Icarus in both gameplay and popularity, but it remains to be confirmed later whether Bless can stand out from fierce competition of this genre.

Online Dr Xanax Lost Ark – WoW + Diablo III

Lost Ark is defined as an Action RPG for its combat system is similar to Diablo III, while it features more with MMORPG contents.

As the combat system basically follows the Diablo III mechanism, the Tripod System of Lost Ark plays a big role in the action combat and making it distinguished. As you level up, you’ll get skill points which you can allocate to your skill. When your skill level reaches lvl.4, 7, 10, your skill tier will upgrade to Tier 1, 2, 3 respectively. When your skill tier is upgraded, you get to choose an additional effect for your skill. The most visual benefit for the Tripod System is bringing you three different while splendid special effects.

Video by GameCross

Beside the routine combat highlights with high quality graphic, Can I Buy Generic Xanax Online Lost Ark realizes its perfectness in the sailing part. Boats are not only a convey to your dream of explorations, but also the tools you need to sustain your expedition. You can captain ships and engage in various activities, such as gathering fish with nets and salvaging goods with cranes. Moreover, you can even hire ice breakers to forge new sea routes. After a long journey, you can discover new, uncharted lands and find out what fortunes await there, and maybe some Secret Routes. Thrilled to sail off? Stay with us for upcoming tests!

Riders of Icarus – Flying to Fight Riders of Icarus comes as a flood to bring the mount-to-fight mode to a higher level. It features an Action-Adventure MMORPG, taking you to a world of mystery and a Catch-Em-All gameplay.

In most MMORPGs mounts can be obtained by direct purchase, missions or boss drops, and the mounts are only for transportation or showing-off. Riders of Icarus makes it different with a simple rule: What you see can be what you tame. The game enables players to tame most of the creatures as mounts, including elite bosses and some rare creatures. You are going to have a collection book telling you how many mounts have been tamed, then you can start your Catch-Em-All adventure with some taming training.

Beside taming, the mounts are key points in flying combat, which enhances the ‘mount and blade’ mode. While most of the other MMOs only provide limited content on mounted combats, Riders of Icarus dives deep into flying-related features which creates a glorious scene as if you were Perseus riding on Pegasus to save the world!

Tree of Savior – Casually Satisfying

 Among so many classes in Buy Xanax Cod Delivery Tree of Savior there must be one fits you best and if you tell me that you are going to play all the classes, you must be a true lover.

Yes, one of the selling points in Tree of Savior is the class system. You choose between the four main classes: Swordsman, Archer, Cleric, and Wizard, and then move on to their logical progressions after fifteen class levels. With a second advancement you are expecting in total 80+ classes! Tree of Savior applies a JRPG atmosphere and 2D isometric view do attract gaming leisure seekers. Tree of Savior doesn’t seem so graphical outstanding or have so complicated mechanics in gameplay, but if you are looking for a cute causal MMORPG, this is it!

Battlefield 1 – Recreating WWI Battlefield

Although entitled with Battlefield 1, it doesn’t mean for the first in this series. The number ‘1’ points to WWI, which brings your a recreated and realistic battlefield during the war time.

The most amazing part that distinguishes Battlefield 1 with others is its multiplayer modes. You are not going in an arena-like zone for squad-based gunfights, instead you are marching for a real war. Here you can be a infantry shooting in the trench, a pilot flying biplane or attacking from zeppelin, or a driver of tank smashing enemies under the caterpillars. You are playing a soldier in the glorious War and fighting in a destructible battlefield, the result of each match will depend on which side gets higher points.

More interestingly is the in-game interaction between players, we have seen three players decking on a same horse, a player shaking with his mouse to beg the tank for a let-go, and a playing running on top of a exploding zeppelin to save his ass. Battlefield 1 is a funny multiplayer shooter full of WWI knowledge that war gamer lovers should not miss!

Alprazolam Powder Buy Project Genom – Sci-fi, TPS, MMORPG Hybrid

The Sci-fi hype in MMORPG is rising in recent years and multiple-genre hybrid is becoming more and more popular. Project Genom comes out as one of this kind and you are going to survive and adventure an alien world like Avatar.

You will find Project Genom’s combat system similar to an FPS shooter named Warframe, which applies the intense and dynamic non-targeting combat system. It is ridiculous to shoot precisely when turning your back to enemies, but Project Genom deals with it smoothly with a third-person-view. There are no classes and subclasses, but you have dozens of development trees with hundreds of abilities in each, allowing to create a truly unique character and become one of a kind.

Project Genom has earned quite some popularity during its ongoing alpha period in 2016, but successful or not will depend on its performance in the upcoming 2017. Let’s wait and see.

Soul Worker – Anime ARPG with Stunning Combos

If you have ever watched an anime called Soul Eater, you will definitely be familiar with Soul Worker about the weapons that are alive and react to you.

Soul Worker performs excellently with a JRPG-style high graphic and the smooth combats. Playing Soul Worker will feel like starring in an anime, where you could be lovely schoolgirl ad suddenly summon your huge machine gun to unleash your inbound frenzy upon enemies. The combat is fast and seamless, various kinds of skills will enable you to reach a high combos and of course with splendid anime-style special effects.

It is a great pity that Soul Worker’s classes are gender locked. But the good news come with more and more playable players released in KR tests and English version prepared in the upcoming year. Maybe then we can enjoy this 3D anime art style combat with a ideal character.

Revelation Online – Wuxia World with Moving Stories

Different from the busy gaming industry in the first half of 2016, the second half witnesses a cold winter. But among the few games coming out in this period, Revelation Online does bring a fresh light to players waiting before the dawn.

Revelation Online is one of the best games in recent years which can bring you the beautiful traditional Chinese landscapes and the mysterious Wuxia World. If you play it, please don’t miss the plots. There are the moving main story-lines showing the great love with sacrifice, the branch missions taking you around the daily local life and flame missions getting you famous in multiple clans. Adding the freestyle controls and numerous in-game activities, Revelation Online is sure to lead the hype to close 2016.

The CBT 2 is ongoing now and everything could be changed at the release. But the auction system in RO is a live market where you can exchange the in-game currency into Tianbi for rare items at a floating rate determined by the market, which means you can farm the dungeons or clear the missions to earn in-game currency. May Revelation Online go further so that we could experience the beautiful traditional Chinese world better!