Top 10 Recommended Adventure VR Games in 2020

Coming into the year of VR, the game industry has welcomed the first blossom year of VR games. They are coming in as a potentially dominating power to take over gaming, the vivid graphics and the immersive gameplay have already won many players’ heart. As the VR devices are on the schedule of shipping, VR games are getting closer to us, so what is going to be released and which of them are worth playing in 2020? Check my Top 10 Recommended for you!

10. Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere is a third person adventure game with story of searching an expedition team. All you will get are ice and unknown, survival and finding the truth are your missions.

It is similar to Tomb Raider gameplay except for the fighting part. As the dangers are hidden on your way of discovery and quick reaction is key to survive, the third-person view setting helps a lot in environment recon. But you are not going to have a fixed vision, along your adventure your vision can be adjusted according to your environment and actions. Grab the edge and climb up, rush through a collapsing bridge or away from cave monsters, the dangers are avoided by your control and the truth is discovered with you own eyes.

It is said to be release in Spring, 2016, while we still get no confirmation from Edge of Nowhere’s website or any order page. Also Edge of Nowhere tends to avoid applying first-person view in casing of missing incoming danger, but as to me harder might it be,it will be more thrilling to play in first-person view.

9.The Gallery

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed is a n episodic fantasy exploration game. You are on a journey to find your twin sister, during which your wit is tested.

Different from some other VR games, The Gallery can provide you with a full-room scale support experience, where your movements and actions can be detected and reflected into the game, you can grab a beer and smash the bottle as you can do in the real world, although you are actually grabbing air. It is a perfect duplication of life scene and the game goes on with the puzzles solved by your careful investigation and wisdom, all you need are the devices and a  room without obstacles and free to move.


April 5th is the exact date for The Gallery to come out on the HTC Vive and the game is claimed to be one of a series. Maybe later we can play stories like Sherlock Holmes with it!

8. The Climb

The Climb has the same company as Robinson: the Journey and we can see the climbing element in both. They are all sharing the CryEngine and both are great in graphics. While Robinson: the Journey focuses on the adventure, The Climb aims at climbing.

Climbers will get thrilled by putting on the VR headset. One of the reasons that they climb up the cliff is to see the world from the top, and The Climb satisfies them even on the way. You need a joystick to control your hands, and your hands must grab the right exterior part of rock to support the climbing strength. In the climb you are climbing safe while experiencing the same excitement in this sport. It is also a safe way of training before going real climbing.

Latest environment of Alps has been added and we can see more famous challenge sites to be concluded in your list, maybe later you can conquer a cliff on Moon! The Climb is said to be released this year, don’t miss it!

7. Robinson: the Journey

One day you wake up and find out that you are on an isolated island full of dinosaurs, what would you do? Robinson: the Journey brings you back to that island in first-person view.

You will play as a boy survived from a crush and discovering the secrets in the rich ecosystem full of dinosaurs. Back to Dinosaur Island 2 is the demo of Robinson: the Journey, you can have a look at this dangerous but attractive world. When you silently pass the running dinosaurs and climb up to the top of a cliff, you will get enchanted by the overview of this fancy world right before you.

Robinson: the Journey’s release date needs to be confirmed and currently it only supports Oculus Rift, also actions in game can only be controlled by joystick. Hope that they will speed up the development and make more devices available.


RIGS is in full name RIGS Mechanized Combat League, a game which lets you pilot a Gundam-style mechanized robot to fight each other in an arena.

Normally it is a game of shooting combat, and it will remind me of Overwatch. Combat mode, graphics, setting are so similar except for RIGS can play with VR. RIGS is a fierce competitive game, so playing with VR brings much more enormous visual shock to you compared to screens.

Also RIGS is confirmed to be released in this October on PS4, almost the same time to have SONY VR to experience together.

5.Lucky’s Tale

Lucky is a Sonic version character and Lucky’s Tale is much alike Sonic the Hedgehog in gameplay. This fox Lucky is as flexible as Sonic while technologies has bestowed more cuteness to him.

You will have a third-person monitoring view, providing you with enough vision for treasures and obstacles. You can also get a feeling of playing an evolved Super Mario without fighting part. The adorable drawing and nostalgic music help this video game style one to perform well with VR. No scary ambush, no intense fighting and the simple fun will win your heart.

The game is already available to play but it comes bundled with every Rift Oculus sells, so you need to access an Oculus Rift.

4. Minecraft VR AR

Minecraft is so hot that I bought to play for a while. Although the control and my poor sense of building up things made the game harder, the fun of realizing what’s in your head never fades away


By the sales of Hololens, Minecraft AR brings about an amazing interactive way to play. Also later this year the VR version will be released, then you can have a real stereo space before you to show your creativity. Currently Minecraft is played with some extended device such as keyboard, I am looking forward to the realize of motion controller application when you can “build” what you want.

3. EVE:Valkyrie

How many of you are making wishes to fly in the sky in the childhood? How many of you have dreamed of going into outer space one day in the teenager age? How many of you feel pity when praising the splendid sky?

EVE: Valkyrie realizes your dream of flying in the space while adding you the fighting excitement. It is a multiple arena in the space where you will play a single small size battleship chasing and shooting down the opponents. Through the VR headset you can see the space right outside the cockpit window, feel the speed of non-rubbing flying and get thrilled of fights.

It has been launched in March and later you can get it for free with Oculus Rift’s package. I hope Valkyrie will have Fleet vs Fleet gameplay someday.

2. Wizard Online

Here your life is so precious that once you die the game is over. While you should not waste your time in the village, the splendid world awaits your footprints to witness!

Wizard Online provide non-VR and Full-VR mode for you with PC as platform. Normally you will present yourself in game in first-person view and third-person view. Also besides the VR headset, motion controller can be applied to detect different gestures and then reflect into the game. You can make a grab to spawn your wand and point at the monster to cast a spell; you can wave your sword around to make melee attack on nearby creatures; you can beat and tame powerful monster as your mount.

It is wonderful to tame a dragon and fly high to see the world from sky. Wizard Online is going into Alpha test soon and they promise to release before Final Fantasy 15 this year.

1. No Man’s Sky

Space is the unknown but beautiful mystery attracting millions of people. That is how Star Trek movies enchanted generation after generation. But instead of watching and sighing the magnificence of the galaxy shown by the movie, you can now explore it by your own.

No Man’s Sky is a galaxy adventure theme VR game, it successfully creates galaxies beyond counting for you to explore. You can sit in the cockpit and fly your spaceship into space; you can fight through the battleground and jump into an unknown area; you can land to discover new creature and collect energy resources. It feels like you were James monitoring USS Enterprise on an adventure mission to discover and record anything unknown. Despite the common space fights, No Man’s Sky can let you develop a research-and-discovery theme gameplay where you will go to a new planet to survive from wild and record new beasts, also you need to discover and gather new energy resources to go further in the galaxy.

No Man’s Sky has announce the release date and price, you will soon have the limitless galaxies to explore this June!