New Screenshot of Microsoft Flight simulator Alpha version Btea test is about to start!

    Microsoft has released the last screenshots of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha, showcasing once again the immersive landscape and real Flight experience. Don’t worry if you’re interested, according to Microsoft, the Btea beta will start on July 9, when more players will be able to play the game. Let’s take a look!

    In Microsoft Flight Simulator, players can fly in an infinite real world in a variety of detailed, realistic and cool aircraft. Players can also create their own flight plans to fly anywhere on earth. In addition, there will be a day/night environment, as well as a variety of challenging weather conditions.

    Players can follow the actual flight plan and edit waypoints, flight altitudes and other detailed flight information to define your flight path. Once you’ve chosen your route, it shows up in your cockpit, and you can keep an eye on your meter, whether it’s the weather or your radio.

    Microsoft Flight simulator will be available for Btea beta on July 9. Release date has not been announced yet!

More screenshots: