The Current State of Browser MMORPGs

I don’t want to mention any particular browser MMORPGs, but from what I’ve played and from reviews that I read, browser MMORPGs have somewhat degraded in quality over the past couple of years.

I don’t want to bash all browser MMORPGs, since there are still some that are quite excellent games that can be played on your browser, but at least the new ones that have come out recently, they became an auto-move auto-play grind fest that you don’t even have to be a part of. The graphics and even gameplay mechanics of browser MMORPGs have improved quite a lot, but that is all irrelevant when you see such complex systems when it comes to auto-moving and auto-attacking.


You literally put your character on auto-pilot mode and then you go and eat or sleep or do whatever you want to, and the game will play itself. You really have to ask yourself: “Why would I play the game if it can play itself?”. It seems absolutely absurd to me to have such mechanics in games in general, not just in browser MMORPGs, but it seems like some players enjoy these features.
In my opinion, browser MMORPGs can be quite excellent these days, but maybe if less time was spent developing auto-play features and more was invested in other aspects, more people would play those games.