What games are your friends crazy about but you’re not interested in?

“Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang! To come!”


“Play together, yuppie!”

“What game?”

“The king!”


There were four people in the college dorm who had to find the same topic to break the ice about, so the game was the best topic. What? “If you don’t want to play XXX, you have to try.” Actually, being recommended to play a certain game is a blessing. It means that the other person wants to play with you and share the fun. It’s not a very good game.

Is the so-called difficult to tune, sand carving netizens on the sweet dumplings, salty dumplings; Sweet bean curd, salty bean curd after all which delicious thing has been competing for several years, let alone the type of game with different styles. Someone who looks like a 1.8m rough-hewed but is actually a rabuda-pecra fighter who never misses every Princess Connected RE: DIVE fight. If you recommend him to play a game that is completely contrary to his everyday style, we can imagine what will follow. Today we will talk about some games that were once accepted by amway but were difficult to accept.

How can this matter less king and eat chicken

As the two mobile game emperors with the largest player base and high coincidence rate, honor of Kings and elite of peace should be the two with high appearance frequency in the game recommended by others. From the streets to the train stations of the airport, you’ll hear the phrase “Welcome to King of Glory! The enemy has five seconds to reach the battlefield! The whole army!” . As a national game, there are naturally a lot of live anchors and walkthrough videos on various platforms. LEX, the first player at Station B, has been playing King of Glory every day recently, making “your friends play King of Glory” a highly likely event. If one day your friend suddenly pulls out his phone and invites you to play the game and you say “no”, then you will easily get an interrogative “Oh my God”, and then the other person asks if you play chicken, and the other person is shocked when you say “no” again, so the first round of game recommendation begins.

Dude, you gotta try Minecraft.

You may not have played Minecraft, but you must have heard of it. As a truly divine work, Minecraft surpassed Tetris in global sales in 2019, with one or two hundred million legal copies sold, which would be even more outrageous if it were pirated. No matter how good a game is, it is not surprising that some people don’t enjoy it. I once tried Minecraft to others. After 5 minutes’ experience, I got this sentence: “I don’t know how you can play this full-screen Mosaic, and what’s the meaning of it?” . Yes, Minecraft is such a magical game that the people who like it dig mines day and night and feel uncomfortable seeing the game interface without feeling it.

GTA5 is free. You haven’t played it yet?

Foreign media have ranked the 100 greatest games of all time, with GTA5 at number two (no. 1 is dark souls). GTA5 is one of the most recommended games in console /PC gaming, with unrivaled freedom, a crime city full of details, and three intensely personal characters, one of which alone can kill a lot of villains to make a power game. I still remember in The New York International Comic Expo, a reporter asked Lao Cui voice actor Auge shu to insult him, did not expect Auge a second into the play, a swear word burst out moments after the scene burst of thunder burst out cheering and whistling, this is the Nail palace of the United States.

It is reasonable to recommend such an excellent work to others. Due to the excellent optimization of this book and the fact that EPIC gave away this game for free a while ago, I was able to experience GTA5 for the first time in my life. However, the feeling after that is totally different from the feedback online. Game is really good game seems to have made it perfect in every respect, but for me it was hard to want to play in, perhaps is not a lot of time and energy for an immersive experience, the game gave me the feeling is not a game I’m playing but I in experience of life, that seems really really feels really is blundering. But to be honest, reckless driving in the street can be fun.


If you recommend games such as Ark of Tomorrow, Blue Line and Maiden’s Front to a two-dimensional player who likes cardboard characters, he or she will soon get into the game and ask questions about strategy and character strength every day. In a word, don’t force others to recommend something if they don’t like it. After all, the difference between people is really great.

I’m going to play Galgame.

– END –

Pay attention to the “minding minding workshop”, spread the game culture, make the game more than a game.

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