Final Fantasy xiv. 5.3 a new screenshot has been released on the official website of the Crystal Remnants

Today (July 16), final Fantasy 14 Shadow of Reverse Flame international version 5.3, Crystal Remnants, has been officially launched on the official website. Some of the game screenshots and artwork have been released. This version is scheduled to be released on August 11.

Final fantasy 14 shadow inverse flame “international clothing version 5.3 will usher in the end of 5.0 main story, players can experience the new four humanistic copy” dark battle, frank “, the new barbarian task “dwarves,” Chronicles the task “varley battle” subsequent task, a large new punitive annihilation, 24 people copy “send dark apocalypse”.

In the FF14 Dark Shadows version 5.3, the main plot of The Resurrection (2.0-2.5) will be revised to make the whole process more compact. Experience levels and equipment gained on the main quest have also been increased to enable a smooth transition to the Walled City of The Heavens. In addition, the flying mount will be able to fly in zone 2.0 (complete the mainline mission “Beyond the Ultimate Fantasist”).