Hello MMO-Top 10 New MMOs in 2020 That Have God-Like Graphics

At the end of the busy 2020 we are checking the best Graphics from the bombard of MMOs throughout the year. 2020 has witnessed many gorgeous games in launch and more in tests. Once upon a time Diablo II is marked as an amazing game of graphics while with years of development, technology has improved graphic quality greatly and we have the chance to experience the shock brought by the stunning graphics. I would say they are“Holy Shit”! Here is the collection of 10 new MMOs in 2020 that have given me the greatest sight-shock.

10 Monster Hunter Online

The very famous series on PSP platform is reborn and come to China. Developed by CryEngine 3, Monster Hunter Online brings back the fun of exploring the world and the game gets upgraded in graphics. Personally speaking, when I saw and played Monster Hunter 3G I was amazed by the scenes and fluency of graphics, soon I abandoned PC games and bought a PSP to play with friends. The Monster Hunter Online continues the feeling and is doing better. Pity is that it is currently available in China by Tencent, you’d better learn some good Chinese to play it in advance.

9 Moonlight Blade


A typical Chinese style MMO telling the story of ancient Chinese martial art world while giving the movie-picture-quality graphics to players. The Identity System of changing class by changing identity to have different skill gives me the illusion of playing a sandbox game. Although in the game we can make changes on facial appearance, but the customization does not include body shape and color which makes everyone look the same from the distance. Besides this pity, Moonlight Blade is remarkable in fighting on mounts and the diversity brought by different identities.

8 Star Wars: Battlefront

In honor of the world-known film series Star Wars, this game Star Wars: Battlefront is hatching continuous heat among players until its launch. Even the developer has admitted its failure. I myself was closely attracted by the “Star Wars” and found it too far from the expectations. But is does well with glorious war scenes and I like the take-down of giant war machine most. Star Wars: Battlefront does copy those original stuff from the movie and those are which I enjoy playing around with.

7 Skyforge

Although I am not satisfied with the story and missions in Skyforge, I have to confess I am still amazed by the graphics. Here is the view I like the most: outside my flat I sit on the tender grass. Breeze drives away the thin smoke and the old temple together with snow-capped mountain come into my sight. Sun rises and brings the gentle light, pick up the bow and gather my gears the new exploration begins. Instead of being forged into God, I would sacrifice all my life to protect what I love. Oh the frame and lighting effect on weapons are of my taste.

6 WildStar

The cosmos is always beautiful and mysterious and that is what WildStar attracts me at first sight. Explore and fight in the exotic areas, that is what U.S.S Enterprise is doing and what I am fond of. We are like the real explorer detecting the wild on unknown planet, the painting-style graphics make us feel adventuring in the dream world. What’s more, it is a Free-to-play one and really progressive in tiers of tutorials, WildStar is rookie-friendly and full of discovery fun.

5 Guild Wars 2

Successor of the previous version Guild Wars 2 shocks me with the gliding movement. I have been used to fighting on feet and flying by mounts or skills, it is my very first time to recognize that one can enjoy the beautiful scenery by gliding. I have once had this time of experience in real world that I took a tiny bus from top of a mountain and the driver was fluently handling the vehicle through the fog, it was just like flying over from peak and passing through trees surrounded by mist. Guild Wars 2 reminds me of my terrific experience and I would give it a “Holy Shit”

4 Lost Ark

Set off on a sail and you will be stunned by the sea scene, the water shows what Unreal Engine 3 can manage. See the reflection of light from the surface? It is just like I myself standing on the deck and sailing towards the light. Water is always one of hardest problems to deal with in graphics, while Lost Ark refreshes my standard of techniques dealing with water graphics. Also the stunning action effects is the mark of Korean games and the only pity is that Lost Ark has delayed its world expansion and stayed in the KR CBT for now.

3 Bless Online

Bless Online is terrific in graphics and with over a year of testing makes it better everytime. Although some gameplay features are not that satisfying since ranged classes are advantageous over melee ones, I can assure you the scenery worth your try. As test is for progress and graphics is fixed to determine the gaming experience. The customization of characters enabling you to create a hero of your own style has been a must in becoming a top-tier graphics game. Bad news is that delay after delay its OBT date is unclear yet.

2 Blade and Soul

That is the 2nd one in what I name them with 3B, Blade and Soul. To mark with is still the character customization making your character colorful and magnificent. My fingers together with my toes can not help me in the counting of how many categories of customization. I suggest you to take a picture of yourself and then adjust every detail to make another you in game. Err? Too much time? Don’t worry, it is FREE-TO-PLAY!

1 Black Desert Online

Yes, it is the No. 1 in 3B that just has closed its CBT 1 and its key event in MMOsite has attracted near 1000 participants from all channels. It is a pleasure to have Black Desert at the end of year since there won’t be many days left in 2020 for us to wait for its release. One of our writers KradisZ got the Alpha key and shared his first impression. He spent a lot of time doing the customization and the beauty created by him shocked me with the vividness. And in the game the graphics are clear and detailed, you are playing like watching and going in a real person movie. OH not time to write, I need to go get these keys!

Speech to close the Year 2020:

I have to admit that Korean game industry is crazy and fascinating in 2020. The 3B together with Lost Ark and Guild Wars 2 are all Korean games. Korean developers are becoming dominating in graphics. Years ago we are talking games with comparison to Blizzard’s and now in MMO Korean games are catching up. They have caught the heart of players by giving them visual effect rather than number of hits while the system and mechanism are all world-class. I might say their customization will be the flag summoning all developers to duplicate and has already set an aesthetic barrier for upcoming games.