Dead or Alive Xtreme 3’s VR Mode Excites You

With the level of realism possible for any system with VR, ‘Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3’ VR update basically lets gamers become sex predators, that is to say, players can sexually assault a woman who keeps on protesting against it. That sounds really geeky but interesting.

The teaser trailer shows the gameplay that the girls will also react to the invasive touches of players. Check it out.

This update will add a “VR Paradise” option to the main menu. It will contain the “Event Paradise,” “Gravure Paradise,” and “Photo Paradise” modes. VR Paradise lets players use the VR headset and controller to look at the girls of Xtreme 3 from different angles and distances. It should come as no surprise that the characters can be interacted with thanks to the”Heart-Pounding Action” feature. If you touch any of the girls, they will react in some way.

VR Paradise can bring mankind ever closer to the realm of VR sex when it arrives on October 13th. Stay tuned!