Pioneer is a good value for money game and the first release is the complete product

   As we all know, multiplayer shooter games generally release an ontology first and then gradually update DLC to provide long-term services for players. Will co-shooting pioneer adopt this model? Pioneer game director Bartek Kmita talked about this in a recent interview with VGC, and check out what he had to say!

    “To be honest, our game is not particularly cheap, so we have to get the players’ money’s worth,” Kmita said. I don’t think that’s the direction the industry should go.”

    Kmita continues, “Pioneer is a good example, because what we’re trying to offer is not a ‘service game’, but a finished product. We firmly believe that we are making this game for the players to be very cost-effective. They spend a lot of money on it, and then they get a lot of hours of fun, and even after they finish the game, they can still enjoy the game. And that’s what I expect from other game companies as a player.”

    Pioneer is scheduled to be released over the Christmas holiday in 2020 and will be available on both the original and next generation platforms.