Sword Of Gods judged that this bowl of rice might be difficult even for fans to swallow

Bandai is a love-hate existence for fans of comic-book games.

Not cheap game price, coupled with not very professional game development strength, make every purchase is like drawing CARDS, although there is no shortage of dragon Ball Z: Kakarote, but the boxing Superman such mediocre is not a few.

If you throw away the IP value of the game, only from the quality of the game, it must be difficult to justify the price. However, the charm of IP also lies in this, the fans expect their favorite works to be published, even if it may be a little inadequate, but most of the time they will still accept it.

This time, Sword Gods: A Journey beyond The Shore is undoubtedly a feast for sword fans, but in the face of the enthusiasm of fans, Wan Dai splashed a pot of cold water. Regardless of the quality of the game, the problems such as the odd optimization and the starting price are really hard to love. After the final release of the game, even though it has a strong fan base, it can only get mixed reviews on Steam platform.

An open world with a facade

The film was adapted from “Underworld,” an animated film written by Underworld, and Tong men were observed waking up in a completely unknown “virtual world.” In this world, he met a teenager named Euggio, the agreement hidden in the bottom of my heart was turned out, in order to achieve the agreement, but also in order not to lose again, they once again set foot on the journey…

The game plot has some changes, is good or bad for the player to decide, the author here will not comment, but on the plot design, there are many places worth joking.

Games are not sorted out the plot rhythm, many times the plot driven just rely on dialogue, common action with cinematic sequences, rich expression of performance does not see more, so players had to helplessly looking at big string string of text, especially this kind of situation in the first chapter, it even better than fighting for a long time, lengthy conversation is easy to produce fatigue.

The grand world view of “Sword gods” series is very limited in “The Other Shore.”

In addition to the central capital of the game world, the map is scattered with many functional places such as villages. In addition to the main plot, there are many side quests to complete. Side quests, crusade missions, treasure chest exploration and other gameplay should be an important part of the game. However, after actual experience, it will be found that all of these are not as beautiful as described by the game PV. The game is not free at all, and the gameplay is still advanced by the story. There is no such thing as multi-line development of main and branch plots, seamless connection of maps and deep interaction with NPCS. There is no freedom of the open world in the whole “Other Shore Tour”.

The game shows the player a huge world, but this world is full of empty and boring, and in the late game, more complex terrain and lack of guidance side quests, the design of the shortcomings are exposed without any hide.

In many cases, due to the lack of guidance, players need to wander aimlessly to find the task items. The long journey is undoubtedly a challenge to the players’ patience. After all, there are no many magnificent or beautiful scenery to relieve the boredom of the journey. And I do not know whether the production team feel that this is not enough, the game will be a lot of treasure boxes are placed in a very complex position, the regular jump, run can not reach. The player is consumed with little patience, and has to take it out to battle with the production team.

Not very friendly combat system

On the basis of inheriting many previous games, there are still some improvements in the combat system design of “Beyond The Boundary”. Compared with the previous “Unreal World”, the combat system design of “Beyond the Boundary” is more mature and many tedious skills are simplified to reduce unnecessary operations.

However, the simplification of skill release is held back by the overall skill system. In battles, monsters often have a large amount of health, which requires players to continuously produce to accumulate the hazard slot of monsters, knock them down and make them stiff, creating a good environment, and then carry out effective output.

In the whole combat system, sword skill is undoubtedly an important part. By releasing sword skill, the player can more efficiently hit the monster straight. However, in the game, it is not easy to release the sword skill skillfully. The sword skill has a great time of forward and back swing. If you want to seize the opportunity to release the sword skill in the tense combat rhythm, you still need a good proficiency. Therefore, even though sword release is simplified, excessive forward and back shaking obscures this advantage.

Instead of trying to improve the situation, the game adds a lot of special effects called light pollution to cover it up. Admittedly, the control of the combat rhythm and the convergence of sword skills is also a sophisticated operation, but relying on this kind of tough means is obviously not friendly to new players and players who don’t like the action experience very much.

Add to that a sense of indelicacy and a near-zero response to a monster, and the combat experience in “Beyond The Shore” is decidedly immature.

Give up “the other shore travel” other N reasons

The views on the style and play of the game may vary from person to person, and the players may also have different opinions on it. However, the following few hard wounds, every player who has played “The Other Side of the Journey”, must have a headache.

The first is the optimization of the game, optimize the poor should also be ten thousand generations the nangongshan dream of traditional art, and so is the other shore to swim in, even if is the recommended configuration of the game, also can keep running 60 frames, what’s more, most of the domestic player configuration may still not meet the standard, on time point machine, fluency worse.

Even on the native PS4 platform, The performance of “Beyond The Sea” was surprising, with the PS4 Pro platform not even able to maintain a steady 30 frames.

A picture is not outstanding, even some backward game, in a number of 3A masterpiece can run on the machine is such a result, can only say that Bandai is too impatient this time, the game is not ready to hurry out to make money.

The game’s problems don’t end there, and the consequences of poor optimization aren’t just low frames. In the course of the game, due to the low frame rate, the player’s operation can not get timely feedback, and the sense of delay is very obvious.

The most annoying, the way the article read the time of the game, although the game does not need frequent load map, but when it occurs, will be a long wait, in the solid state drives may need a minute or so, and in the mechanical drive the digital more exaggerated, probably players need to spend more time to see the loading on the screen…

These poor experiences completely ruined the game, and some of the issues of perspective locking and determination were not as serious as optimization problems, since the enigmatic perspective was an old problem for generations of games. I didn’t expect anything to be done, but when it does, I’m not surprised.

Write in the last

From the design point of view, Sword’s Realm: The Other Side of the Journey is a breakthrough work, which deserves recognition for its wider world, more playable battles and online exploration. However, it may be that this step is too big, too focused on the overall situation while neglecting to polish the details, or it may be that the half-finished product is rushed in order to catch up with the animation schedule. In short, the current Sword Realm: The Other Side is not what a 298 yuan game should be.