Idea Fabrik Takes Over The Repopulation

It was recently announced that Above and Beyond had handed over their Sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation to Idea Fabrik. Later on Idea Fabrik will continue the game’s development with Above and Beyond gradually fading out.

It is not putting The Repopilation into an end. The game will receive several updates and Idea Fabrik will later push it to a full launch. The shut-down servers will be resumed as soon as possible and Idea Fabrik is planning to get it back in Q1 2017, with everything under their control.

In the Q&A posted by J.C. Smith on The Repopulation forum, we can find no clear reason for the transition, nor do we know about future development plans from the new developer. Whether The Repopulation can keep the original taste remains to be confirmed after it is brought back to light.