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Complex Job Change System
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Complex Job Change System

Just like the first Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online II also feature a leveling system in which one character both has base character level(CLV) and job level(JLV), and of course they are leveled separately. In RO once a job was chosen it won’t be changed, in that way it limits players’ freedom to experience other jobs and they need to recreate and retrain characters to play other jobs. But in RO2, the Complex Job Change System available to Norman broke the traditional games job-changing restrictions, players will not have times or level restrictions when changing jobs as long as their characters meet several specific conditions, for example at the beginning a Novice should reach JLV5 in order to change jobs.

This job change system would not cause changes to characters’ own CLV, but only change the Job Level(JLV) of your characters. For example if your Novice reaches CLV6 and JLV5, and you change jobs to a Swordsman for the first time, of course the JLV of your Swordsman is 1 but the CLV remain the same. And if you’ve trained your Swordsman to JLV6 and CLV10, you now changes jobs back to Novice, surely your JLV become 5 cause you only train your Novice to JLV5 before but the CLV remain the same—CLV10. And all skills&level, status and other abilities from the character's previous job will be preserved in the event that they decide to go back to that job again. So don’t worry that your characters’ parameters will be reset once you change jobs.

The Complex Job Change System allows player to experience all kinds of different jobs at the same time. And this system also allows characters to use skills from previous jobs when they change jobs. For more details of this please refer to the Specialty Job Change System.

Meanwhile this system may raise such a problem. For example you play a Swordsman type character and you mainly add STR and DEX to the character, and when you change jobs to Enchanter these stats would become useless? Then you may ask whether the game allows us to redistribute the status points when we change a new job? Actually the game will give us "extra status points" when we change jobs. In the first Ragnarok Online, the ratio of status points increased by leveling up versus status points controlled by players every level up was about 9:1. In Ragnarok Online II, this ratio is 5:5, the character’s total status points will be greatly affected by the different chosen jobs. In other words, perhaps in RO1 fighting classes must be specific with certain ability/status points to play well, but in RO2, every kind of status is affecting the whole job.

"The way of distributing status points must be suitable for the characteristics of the job" was the idea in the past. In RO2, we get this new idea-- "Such status points distribution way can play such an effect to these jobs". Trying to find the relevancy between status ability and job is also a great fun in this game. Below will show the effect of every status:

  • STR, or Strength: Increase Melee Physical Max Damage and Melee Physical Defense.
  • DEX, or Dexterity: Increase Melee Physical CRIT Chance and Melee Physical Dodge.
  • INT, or Intelligence: Increase Ranged Physical HIT Chance, Magic Max Damage, and Magic Defense.
  • CON, or Concentration: Increase Melee Physical HIT Chance, Ranged Max Damage, and Ranged Physical CRIT Chance.
    There is a 5th stat that can only be increased by equipment or skills.
  • LUC, or Luck: Increase Melee Physical Dodge, Ranged Physical Dodge, and Magic Dodge.

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