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The identified "tank" of RO2, the Swordsman class is a melee class dependent on close range battles. They are generally the first person to take damage and deliver damage in a battle, fighting on the frontlines of a battle. A Novice can become a Swordsman after a certain requirement, at this time unknown, is met. The Swordsman relies on damage skills, though it also has several powerful defensive skills. It can successfully fight high level monsters much higher than its level due to its high HP and damage ratio. Most of its attacks center around dealing damage, though some are geared towards dealing damage towards more than one target at the same time. It is severely limited in ranged attacks, however. In RO1, a swordsman could advance to either a Knight or Crusader at job level 40-50. The Knight, which is an improvement on the Swordsman's damage dealing ideal, relies on high damage skills. A Crusader, who is more of a battlemage, relies on a balance of both damage skills and buff skills. It is unknown at this point if the Knight or Crusader will be introduced into RO2.

ICON Skill Name Req. JLV Skill Type Specialty JLV Description
Long Sword Mastery JLV 1 Passive JLV 5 This skill allows users to equip a "Long Sword" type weapon and increases Attack Power and Accuracy when using a "Long Sword".
Art of Warrior JLV 1 Passive No This skill increases your Physical Attack and Hitrate when you equip a "Long Sword".
Defensive Stance JLV 1 Passive No This skill lets you use Defensive Stance.
Defence Mastery JLV 5 Passive No This skill increases your Physical Defence.
Willpower JLV 5 Passive No This skill will increase your spirit resistance.
Strengthen Recovery JLV 10 Passive No This skill increases your HP Recovery Rate.
Heroic Vision JLV 10 Passive JLV 20 This skill lets you stay alive for a certain amount of time even if your HP drop to 0.
Berserker JLV 15 Passive No Short-range physical attacking speed and the general attacking speed rise instantly while the defensive power is reduced by 30%.
Counter Attack JLV 20 Passive No Have a certain chance to reflect the short-range physical attacks.
Quicken Attack JLV 1 Active No This skill attacks a monster at a very high speed but deals low damage.
Poking JLV 1 Active No This skill has a very low attack power but causes a great amout of hate. 1 LP will be added each time you use this skill.
Internal Injury JLV 1 Active No An attack on the enemys internal organs. Due to the pain it causes the enemy to bleed for a set amount of time. 1LP Point will be added.
Splash Attack JLV 5 Active JLV 15 Give damage to surrounding targets at a chance.
Charge Attack JLV 5 Active No Lets you run up to your enemy and hit it with 1 attack blow.
Shield Block JLV 5 Active No Reflects Physical Attacks with your shield by a certain rate. your movement and attack speed will slow down. You only can use this skill when you are wearing a shield.
Harden JLV 5 Active No Shields physical attacks through a long-distance units to reduce the damage.
Mocking Blow JLV 5 Active No A hit that mocks the enemy.
Courageous Assault JLV 10 Active No This skill increases your Attack Power by using LP.
Severing Blow JLV 15 Active No Does high damage to the target straight in front of you by rising your attack power.
Magnum Break JLV 15 Active No This skill deals normal weapon damage at a 3*3 area and also adds fire damage.(fu ren qu)
Shield Charge JLV 15 Active No This skill lets you strike down your enemy with your shield.
Ground Wallop JLV 20 Active No This skill will beat the enemies to stunned state to the ground.
Truth JLV 20 Active No A Skill with very low hitrate. It is only useable in [Defensive Stance]. When the skill hits, the targets HP will be reduced by 50%. Skill hitrate 25%

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